Thursday, 7 May 2009

Biding My Time

I am finding this time of year quite frustrating - I am repeatedly asked if I have any jam - we sold out of jam around about Christmas time - and I am impatiently waiting for the new season's fruit to arrive. It's a way off yet but May, who helps me cook, and I got out the recipe books today and started to plan for this year's production. At least I know I have enough jars and lids!

Jam Jar Shop is very busy every day of the week and I have to try to balance work and play to make sure we have some time off - it's very easy to keep on going but we all need a bit of time off. We are doing a lot of commissioned label designs for wedding favours at the moment - I suppose it is a popular time of year for weddings - we supply the small jars and make labels to co-ordinate with the wedding colour sheme, sometimes we are asked for the fabric covers as well. They look very pretty - some people actually make jam to go in the jars but there are all sorts of other ideas as well. I am thinking of starting a feature on the website 'What do you put in yours?'

We also supply some laboratories with jars and even an oil rig in the North Sea - I wonder if those burly boys are making some marmalade?

I'm off to my local Country Market early in the morning to peddle my wares and so another Friday comes around, faster and faster it seems these days. Let me know what you are planning on making - we could have a recipe share.

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