Saturday, 30 January 2010

Spices and more

Just a few new ingredients for you - hard-to-find items that we tracked down to use ourselves and thought you might need as well. There will be more coming next week so check back soon.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Kilners are here!

Kilner jars are up on the site in record time! Screw tops or clip tops, lots of choice. Good pics, good price! Check it out here

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kilner Jars

Stop press! We have had a delivery of traditional design Kilner jars today both screw top seals and clip top. Good old Kilner - something that used to be in almost every home, made redundant when the swanky freezer pushed them out of the way but now makin g a welcome comeback. They will be on the website tomorrow and available as single items. You won't have to buy 6 or 12 unless you want to of course!

The mustard-making went well and we got some great photographs so I will be hard at work now editing so that you can try some recipes out as soon as the marmalade making is finished.
We are also bringing you a new range of hard-to-find ingredients at great prices - there's no end to it! So much to do, so little time.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well the snow has gone from round these parts and life is getting back to normal - or what passes for normal anyway. We're busy, busy, busy with our two great offers on jars to help you through the marmalade season cos' if you're anything like me, you always buy more oranges than you planned. Don't forget that they freeze well so you could spread out the making a bit.

May and I are going to be making mustard this week so we hope to bring you a new method pdf and YouTube slideshow - it really is ridiculously easy to make, and a jar of home-made wholegrain mustard makes a great present, especially if you team it with a bottle of flavoured oil -chilli or herb maybe. Great. I won a Great Tastes Gold award for my mustard the very first year I started making it, so it can't be that tricky!

It is also a good time to be making things like that whilst we wait for the first rhubarb and the early gooseberries. Or think about sorting out the freezer - all those odd bags of left-over fruit or veg could cook up into some tasty chutneys or relishes, making valuable space for the coming year's crops - or the seville oranges!

Don't forget the Marmalade Festival - you can all enter even if you can't visit the Festival and all of the proceeds go to the local Hospice.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Marmalade Method on YouTube - whatever next?

Check out the marmalade recipe and instructions on YouTube - and when you've seen how easy it is go to the website where there are some great bargains to help you make the most of your new-found knowledge.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sale Page

Getting a bit fed up with the white stuff now - it makes everything so much harder PLUS there are no Seville oranges around for the marmalade! Well, not in my neck of the woods anyway. It's hard enough buying everyday food without searching for the elusive oranges as well. So many people have had it much worse than us - we have got off fairly lightly in comparison but there is still more forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. Oh joy. I am spending the time when I should be cooking working on some other ideas for you - more on this later when I have got something in place for you to look at and consider. In the meantime, we have grouped together all of the items on special offer on a Sale page on the website so that you can easily spot the bargains - hope it helps. Oh, and we have some new paper jar tops as well if you want to pretty up some recycled jar lids, more designs coming soon. Keep warm, keep safe.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Calling all jam makers! BBC Television Business Opportunity

I have had an email today from Howard Mills who is looking for entrepreneurial jam and preserve makers for a new BBC Television programme _ it could be you! I have copied the email for you below together with the contact information. Why not get in touch - you have nothing to lose!


Do you believe you’ve invented the next Dyson? Concocted a successor to Innocent Smoothies? Discovered the next Protect and Perfect face cream? Then the BBC wants to hear from you!

In a groundbreaking new series, some of Britain’s biggest and best loved high street stores are clearing some shelf space for YOU – the great British public – to sell YOUR products.

Whatever your product, this could be your unique chance to break into the big time. Under the watchful eye of retail expert Theo Paphitis of Dragon’s Den, the most influential buyers in retail want to meet Britain’s undiscovered design talent AND will stock the best of what they see.

Whether you have created a range of garden tools, a fabulous food product, a ‘must have’ accessory or anything else worth selling, this is your chance. If you believe your ORIGINAL product could be successful, but has yet to find its market, apply now.

Email address:
Or telephone: 0207 874 6617

Friday, 1 January 2010

It's marmalade time!

Happy New Year to everyone - hope it was all good for you.

We managed a few days off and had a happy time with our families and new grandchildren -magical to experience Christmas through the eyes of children who are seeing new things for the first time.

We spent a warm and fun New Year's Eve with friends from the village, travelling from house to house until we brought in the New Year with fizz and fireworks. Now we are turning our thoughts to the first preserves of 2010. Marmalade. If you have never made marmalade before do have a go. It seems time consuming and complicated but if you follow our instructions on the website you will soon find yourself hooked - and I promise that you will never want to eat shop-bought marmalade again.

To help things along we have two great offers for you - 24, yes 24 16oz jam jars with our brand new exclusive red spotty lids for just £9.95 - are we mad? You can buy as many packs as you like, there's no limit. Also, pick up some packs of our retro orange and lemon labels, each with a FREE square of muslin PLUS instructions for tying a muslin bag from the square. All for just £3.95.

The labels have been designed for Jam Jar Shop by talented artist Marek Jagucki and they will not be available from any other source. Marek designed our Christmas labels and we are now extending this range of retro style labels throughout the year so if you have any special requests then send us an email. We are very happy to respond to ideas and to make Jam Jar Shop what you would like it to be.

Our vision is for the website - and indeed the business - to become a community. There is so much to explore and to present to you but there seems to be so little time! We are going to be looking for some more help in the Spring but that all takes time as well! Interviewing, selecting, waiting for notice periods to be worked, training - all the while hoping you have chosen the right person plus trying to keep on top of all of the other work. Ours staff all work very hard and they deserve more help so we will have to find the time to attend to it somehow.

Finally, if you feel you would like a little more practical help check out our range of classes on the website. A great day out - why not make up a group of your friends and come along together to a workshop. Contact Lynne for more details and to discuss requirements.

Happy New Jam Making Year!