Wednesday, 11 August 2010

I hadn't disappeared - back with some great offers

Phew! Where have I been? Working. that's where. There has been no time to be bloging or filming for YouTube, hardly time to see the grandbabies, although we did go camping with them last weekend. I have been asked to write for a magazine, we have had lots of national press coverage, taken a lease on The Old Smithy to start our courses and jam making and dealt with more orders in the last month than in four months this time last year.

We have lots of new products on the website that I haven't had time to tell you about - especially the bumper packs of labels - great value - same great quality!

We also have new packs of the popular Firenze bottles - the average purchase ofd these bottles is in 6's so we have had a box produced for this quantity, packed them, AND reduced the price - can't be bad - check them out here . Will be great for Sloe Gin.

May and Katie will be starting on the Plum Jam later this week, so we'll get the recipe up on the website over the weekend, hopefully. Normal service is resumed!


  1. Just another thank you for the link to my elderflower video on your site, and I wanted to tell you that I have just re-designed my blog and have created a very small and special list of recommended websites and yours is one of them - have a look on the bottom right side of the blog.


  2. Hello Rosemary
    Have just found you fantastic blogg via Michelle Made This. I have just placed an order with you too.
    I am here in Sweden making Svartvinbar Sylt (Blackcurrant Jam). Hoping to try to make Redcurrant Jelly for the 1st time and some Ligonberry Jam.
    I will link your wonderful website and blog when I post about the Jam.
    (Enjoy your grandchildren especially)
    Julie x

  3. Hi there, I am very new to the world of jam making and as yet am just using my breadmaker, with some very pleasing results!
    I have ordered 72 jam jars from you and am wondering if you could tell me which wax discs I need. I ordered the 7oz jars.
    Many thanks.
    Also, I am struggling to find recipes, tips and hints for making jam in a breadmaker - the recipe book comes with only 5 recipes.

  4. Hello

    I have a suggestion for something you could stock, sticky label remover ! Love your site and your products. Your glass bottles are the best!