Thursday, 13 May 2010


Fab newsletter here all about the elegant, exciting, extrovert, economic, ebullient elderflower. Recipes, ideas, offers, check it out.


  1. I am SO pleased I found your shop before I made my own elderflower cordial at the weekend - I was able to get the citric acid, muslin and bottles in one place which was great for me as a newcomer to the world of bottling / preserving anything at all!

    I have written a blog about it with link to your shop and your jar of citric acid features in the video I made too - if you want to have a look it's here:

    Anyway, am so glad I've found you,


  2. I have been given a 2 handled alluminium preserving pan by my mums friend but the preserving book I have says not ot use an aluminium pan... why would that be?

    back off to your shop now... need some bits and bobs... funnel, strainer etc...

    any info greatly appreciated..
    cheers Alex