Monday, 25 January 2010

Spring Cleaning

Well the snow has gone from round these parts and life is getting back to normal - or what passes for normal anyway. We're busy, busy, busy with our two great offers on jars to help you through the marmalade season cos' if you're anything like me, you always buy more oranges than you planned. Don't forget that they freeze well so you could spread out the making a bit.

May and I are going to be making mustard this week so we hope to bring you a new method pdf and YouTube slideshow - it really is ridiculously easy to make, and a jar of home-made wholegrain mustard makes a great present, especially if you team it with a bottle of flavoured oil -chilli or herb maybe. Great. I won a Great Tastes Gold award for my mustard the very first year I started making it, so it can't be that tricky!

It is also a good time to be making things like that whilst we wait for the first rhubarb and the early gooseberries. Or think about sorting out the freezer - all those odd bags of left-over fruit or veg could cook up into some tasty chutneys or relishes, making valuable space for the coming year's crops - or the seville oranges!

Don't forget the Marmalade Festival - you can all enter even if you can't visit the Festival and all of the proceeds go to the local Hospice.

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