Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Sale Page

Getting a bit fed up with the white stuff now - it makes everything so much harder PLUS there are no Seville oranges around for the marmalade! Well, not in my neck of the woods anyway. It's hard enough buying everyday food without searching for the elusive oranges as well. So many people have had it much worse than us - we have got off fairly lightly in comparison but there is still more forecast for tomorrow and Thursday. Oh joy. I am spending the time when I should be cooking working on some other ideas for you - more on this later when I have got something in place for you to look at and consider. In the meantime, we have grouped together all of the items on special offer on a Sale page on the website so that you can easily spot the bargains - hope it helps. Oh, and we have some new paper jar tops as well if you want to pretty up some recycled jar lids, more designs coming soon. Keep warm, keep safe.

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