Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Sugar n' Spice - and all things vinegar!

Just up on the website today - bulk quantity wine and cider vinegars! I have never seen these sizes in the shops and they are a great saving on the bottle prices. Saves taking all the empties to the recycling as well. We have red, white and cider from that tried and trusted company Aspalls. We have also managed to track down Certo pectin, which I know many of you have difficulty in finding in the shops, as they only tend to stock it in the main jam making season. We have price-matched Tesco and Waitrose so you can't say fairer than that.

There is also the wonderfully crumbly Maldon sea salt - I have tried others but always come back to Maldon, especially when making mustards and chutneys. I tend to use good old table salt for salting things like red cabbage and the ingredients for Piccalilli to save a bit, but for added flavour I like the Maldon.

We have other hard-to-find spices as well for you - things like Allspice, which isn't the same thing as Mixed Spice and shouldn't be substituted. The Allspice Berries are wonderfully pungent when bruised slightly, and then added to a spice bag for warm flavoured chutneys. We have yellow and black mustard seeds all ready for a spot of wholegrain mustard making. I'll be posting the method on YouTube soon - would make a fantastic Easter present for hard-to-buy for Dads and Uncles. Not being sexist - but you know what I mean!

We shall be adding to our range of ingredients as time goes on - once we find it for us, we will share it with you.

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