Thursday, 19 November 2009

Oh dear . . . .

Oh no! You're all waiting for the new delivery of swing-top bottles - which we said would be in this week - and where are they? Still across the Channel because all of the ferries are cancelled due to the storms. Doh! Rosie should have kept quiet . . . they are on the way though. To make it worth waiting we shall be repeating our amazing Buy One, Get One Free offer with a twist - Buy Six Get Six Free. (The boxes take twelve . . . .). I know, I'll never be able to retire if I keep doing things like that but it's only money.

The good news is though that the printer has finally delivered The Jam Maker's Journal which has gone straight onto the website at the introductory price of £8.99 for a while - Trev insisted this time- I argued that I'm already doing a crazy deal on the bottles but he dug his heels in. Hey ho.

Each Journal will end up being unique as there is plenty of room for you to record your own ideas and recipes alongside the useful information we have gathered together. The month by month pages don't have year so the Journal will still be relevant for many years to come. The Journal is in A5 ring binder format so you can easily add extras such as recipes from magazines and there's even a page on different lid sizes with a measurement guage, seasonal recipes, hints and tips, weight and jar conversions - as well as some of our lovely labels that you can use on your own preserves. We think it makes a great Christmas present - especially for you!

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