Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Strawberry Jam

As many of you know - because you came to say 'hello' - we have just come back from the BBC Good Food Show, which was great fun, exhausting, and very, very busy. When Trev and I finally got home I thought our chicken run looked kind of different and it turned out that they had escaped from the back garden that day and made off down the lane! Both of our near neighbours had been out all afternoon trying to round them up, but unfortunately, as you fellow chicken owners will know, the more you chase them the more they run. There is only three of them but it took some time to get them back behind the fence. I had to take peace offerings of a basket of eggs to each neighbour - they actually thought it very funny - and The Chix had to perch on the naughty step.

Just all part of the Jam Jar Shop fun.

Lots of you loved the extended range of red spot lids, now available in most jar lid sizes and showcased at the NEC. They look great on the sauce bottles especially, and the smallest 45ml jars. We also had the new Kilner maslin pan at a great show offer and sold out on the first day! We have more coming in at the end of this week and at the beginning of July so don't worry if you missed out before.

There's lots of fruit coming along now - we ordered the first of the season's blackcurrants today so my favourite jam will soon be underway! We have already made large batches of strawberry jam and the raspberries will be next. There is a great recipe for a classic strawberry jam on our website so why not make some while the fruit is at its best and not too expensive. I love this time of year as there is an absolute abundance of produce and you can be making something different every day.

We are busy now moving warehouses over the next two weeks so the work load will be heavier but all the lads are coming in at the weekends to make sure we get it done without disrupting the orders. So, business as usual!

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  1. I always LOOOOOOOOOOOVED home made strawberry Jam. Thank you for sharing :) & Happy New Year